Image of basketball player shooting ball

Events Hosted By Us

  1. All-Star Volleyball Game
  2. All-Star Girls Basketball Game
  3. All-Star Boys Basketball Game
  4. Shrine Eight Man Football Game
  5. Shrine Eleven Man Football Game
  6. The Monte Andrus/Gordon Hogan Jackpot Coaches Clinic
  7. Annual Coaches Awards Banquet
  8. Annual Coaches Christmas Party
  9. Annual Coaches Golf Tournament

Services We Provide

  1. Senior Plaques For District IV Senior Honors Banquet
  2. Plaques For I.H.S.A.A. Hall Of Fame Star Awards
  3. Financial Assistance For Jackpot Officials Clinic
  4. District Coach of The Year Plaques — All Classifications
  5. Flowers-Donations For Funerals From Association.
  6. Donations For Worthy Causes
    Example ($1,000. To Bring Troops Home For Thanksgiving)